Insurance & Rates

The potential out of pocket costs of therapy or testing can deter many people from seeking the cognitive and behavioral healthcare services they need. At Venture Therapy, we offer a range of services within the average and affordable price range for our area. Keep reading to learn more about the way that medical insurance covers mental healthcare services from our office and my typical session rates. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to learn or schedule a session in our Saint Paul office.

Investment & Insurance

Venture Therapy is an Out-of-Network Provider for all insurance companies. Some insurance companies have out-of-network reimbursement options, for which we provide you with a Superbill to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement. The best way to find out if you have out-of-network coverage is to call the number on the back of your insurance card.

There are many benefits to a fee-for-service therapy structure. What our clients appreciate most about paying out of pocket is that everything remains completely confidential. Many people don’t realize that when they access therapy services using their insurance, they also give their insurance company access to their mental health diagnosis with the right to request further information including treatment plans and progress notes.

Another benefit is that you will not need a formal mental health diagnosis, as is required when you utilize insurance. While mental health diagnoses can be helpful to inform treatment in some cases, in other cases a mental health diagnosis that is dictated by an insurance company is often more restrictive than useful. That diagnosis also will also become a permanent part of your medical record that will follow you throughout your life. In our work with you, we will discuss your areas of concern, struggles, and goals for yourself and together we will work to determine if a mental health diagnosis is appropriate for you. If not, we will have the freedom to continue to work together in the way that will be most helpful to you.

Perhaps the most important benefit we see in a fee-for-service therapy structure is that our clients see therapy as an investment, and so do we. Our clients who pay out of pocket for therapy services are motivated, open, and willing to do the hard work now, to make life better down the road.



Rates & Financial options

Payment is due at the time of service and you may utilize cash, check, HSA cards, or any major credit card. Our regular fees for therapy range from $120 to $150 per session, but we often have sliding scale slots available at reduced rates. If you are eager to start your therapy journey but concerned about financial means, please contact us to discuss this option. If you’re ever concerned about your insurance benefits or the cost of treatment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

Typical Fees:

  • First therapy session/intake appointment: $150

  • 50-minute therapy appointment: $120

  • Sliding scale therapy appointments may be available – contact for information

  • Psychological testing: $1,200