Have Better Sex. Give Up Your Diet.

The best sex happens when people are uninhibited by self-judgment. You can't fully trust another person with your body, if you can't trust yourself with your body. And you deserve to have this free, adventurous, playful sex now, in the exact body you have today. Lights-on, eyes-open, any-position-that-feels-good sex. Fulfilling, satisfying, relaxed-at-times, on-fire-all-the-time sex.

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The Importance of Listening to Your Body (and why it's so hard to do)

I often ask my clients, "where do you feel that in your body?" 

It's a simple question, but can be difficult to answer. And so I also often ask it of myself, "what am I feeling in my body? Where do I feel it?" Emotions, deep-seated beliefs, fear, passion...they dwell in your body.

Our bodies are one of our best sources of information. It may be a sensation of tightness in the chest, butterflies in 

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Kristi Hall