Saint Paul Individual Therapy Services

Are you dealing with trauma, a challenging life change, or other issues that are making it difficult for you to face the day? You’re not alone, and the Venture Therapy team can help you to develop the skills to tackle any of life’s challenges. Individual therapy is also referred to as counseling or psychotherapy. Really, it’s just a conversation with a professional who understands how to help you address your concerns in a safe and healthy manner. During individual therapy, we will meet one-on-one, and you will have the opportunity to explore your story - past, present, and future. I work with individuals who are 18+ for individual therapy sessions. If you want to learn more about individual therapy or schedule a session with the Venture Therapy team, please contact my Saint Paul practice today.

Should I Consider Individual Therapy?

Anyone can benefit from working with a professional for individual therapy because it gives you an opportunity to talk through life’s challenges and feel more confident that you have the necessary skills to confront conflict, trauma, and other struggles head on. Some of the reasons people choose to schedule an individual therapy session include:

  • Dealing with cognitive or behavioral concerns like depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

  • Developing skills to address relationship issues of all kinds – romantic, familial, professional, and friendly.

  • Working through a life transition like loss of job, divorce, or other changes.

  • Finding methods to handle body image and eating concerns.

  • Confronting issues of social isolation, anxiety, or shyness.

  • Discovering inner strengths and addressing barriers to learning and academic challenges.

  • Feeling more motivated, happier, and healthier every day.

  • Understanding struggles with sex and sexuality.

  • Managing anger, aggression, and other potentially harmful behaviors.

What Happens During Individual Therapy?

Every session is different, but many sessions involve simply talking to me about your challenges, while others draw on experiential and body-based methods such as mindfulness, guided imagery, and relaxation. The first session is a little different. I need to start to understand better you, why you’ve chosen to visit, what your goals and expectations are, and partner to develop a plan for your time in the office. This initial visit isn’t just for me though. If you don’t feel comfortable or don’t think I’m a good fit for your needs, it’s best to address these concerns right away. In some cases, I may be able to make changes to ensure success in your ongoing sessions, but when necessary, I can also work with you to find a therapist who will be a better fit. My goal is to be your partner in getting the care you need, even if it’s not with me.

After the initial visit, the following sessions will vary. We’ll discuss past concerns, current struggles, and future goals. I partner with you to understand and address conflicts in your daily life. Depending on your specific needs, I will help you to develop a plan and build skills to overcome obstacles, handle emotional turmoil, and allow yourself to experience a full range of emotions.