Saint Paul Family Therapy

No family is perfect, and almost any group of people who depend on each other will experience conflict from time to time. It’s how your family handles challenges that matters most. The goal of Family therapy is to review attitudes and behaviors of family members and the impact that these individuals have on the family unit. Then, I may work with you individually, in pairs, or as a group to develop effective communication and collaboration strategies. Family therapy may include any configuration of family members. I will work with you and your family members ages 12+. If you’re interested in learning more about family therapy services available at Venture Therapy, call my Saint Paul practice to schedule your first session today.

Should We Consider Family Therapy?

At Venture Therapy, I’m here to help families function as a unit and create an environment where every family member will thrive. Some of the things we can work on together include:

  • Improving interpersonal relationships to address conflict and deal with other issues.

  • Addressing behavior problems – typically with children – in the home, school, or other area.

  • Dealing with the effects of trauma, including illnesses, death, unemployment, and divorce.

  • Working through a family member’s substance abuse or addiction and the way these personal struggles can impact the whole family.

  • Understanding mental health issues like anxiety and depression, and how the family can support an individual struggling with these concerns.

  • Learning how to communicate better to ensure your individual needs are met without adversely impacting other family members.

What Happens During Family Therapy?

During the initial session, we’ll walk through past conflicts, current concerns, and goals for your therapy sessions. After this first appointment, the sessions may include a number of services, including talk therapy, mediated discourse, and other forms of therapy to help you and your family members work together to achieve your goals as well as strengthening the family unit. I will usually recommend a few full group sessions, so I can see how your family members interact. Family therapy can also incorporate individual and couples sessions – whatever your family needs to grow closer together and create a healthy, safe, and happy home life.

What Results Should We Expect from Family Therapy?

In most cases, family therapy is a short term, planned set of sessions to assist your family during a difficult time. I typically recommend 10 to 15 sessions with a focus on developing solutions for conflict, improving communication, and creating a safer, healthier home environment. The goal is to give your family the tools to handle future challenges, but I’m always here to help!